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​​SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2:00 PM & 6:00 PM





Boulder City Chautauqua

2:00 PM Matinee - ​JACKIE KENNEDY  

Jacqueline "Jackie" Lee Kennedy Onassis (July 28, 1929 – May 19, 1994) was an American writer, book editor, and socialite who served as the first lady of the United States from 1961 to 1963, as the wife of President John F. Kennedy. A popular first lady, she endeared the American public with her devotion to her family, dedication to the historic preservation of the White House, the campaigns she led to preserve and restore historic landmarks and architecture along with her interest in American history, culture and arts. During her lifetime, she was regarded as an international icon for her unique fashion choices, and her work as a cultural ambassador of the United States made her very popular globally.

Ticket Price:  $20.00

per performance


Elizabeth Anne Ford (April 8, 1918 – July 8, 2011)  was the first lady of the United States from 1974 to 1977, as the wife of President Gerald Ford. She was active in social policy and set a precedent as a politically active presidential spouse. She maintained high approval ratings and was considered to be an influential first lady. Ford was noted for raising breast cancer awareness following her 1974 mastectomy. As a passionate supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), abortion rights and the women's rights movement, she gained fame as one of the most candid first ladies in history, commenting on the hot-button issues of the time. Historians regard Ford to be among the best and most courageous American first ladies. After the Fords left office, she continued to lobby for the ERA and remained active in the feminist movement, raised awareness of addiction, and founded the Betty Ford Center, which provides treatment services for people with substance use disorders. 

​Our 2:00 PM Matinee will feature Rose Gabriele,  portraying the charismatic Jackie Kennedy.  ​

At 6:00 PM, the exciting finale of the weekend will feature scholar Lynna Metrisin, in her moving portrayal of Betty Ford. 

​​Chautauqua Scholar Meet and Greet Reception 

​An evening with the Scholars, plus wine, dinner & dessert

Thursday, September 19, 5:45-8:30pm

$40 Donation


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Boulder City Chautauqua 

Our First Ladies

Portraits of Strength

Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, Betty Ford

Friday & Saturday, September 20-21, 2024
Boulder Creek Pavilion | 1501 Veterans Memorial Drive

(corner Adams Blvd & Veterans Memorial Drive)

The exciting kick-off of the 2024 Boulder City Chautauqua will be a portrayal of the inimitable Eleanor Roosevelt, by scholar Susan Marie Frontczak


Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (October 11, 1884 – November 7, 1962) was an American political figure, diplomat, and activist. She was the first lady of the United States from 1933 to 1945, during her husband President Franklin D. Roosevelt's four terms in office, making her the longest-serving first lady of the United States. Through her travels, public engagement, and advocacy, she largely redefined the role of First Lady. Roosevelt then served as a United States Delegate to the United Nations General Assembly from 1945 to 1952, and took a leading role in designing the text and gaining international support for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 1948 she was given a standing ovation by the assembly upon their adoption of the Declaration. President Truman later called her the "First Lady of the World" in tribute to her human rights achievements.